Tennis Court Building and Maintenance
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Got a tennis court that needs a little work?

When your personal sports court is brand new, it looks amazing and adds an attractive, luxury addition to your property.

But nothing makes a great property look worse than having an old, worn-out and overgrown court cluttering up part of your yard.

All outdoor recreation courts need occasional maintenance to look their best. And there are a few Spokane sports court service companies that specialize in providing this type of care.

What Kind of Services Are Available?
A few of the most commonly performed tennis court repair services include:
• Court Resurfacing or Resealing
• Net Replacement
• Painting and Striping
• Fence Repairs
• New Tennis Court Construction

Where Can I Find a Spokane Tennis Court Maintenance Company?
Well . . . right here.

We know of a couple of terrific specialty companies that provide great service.

They can answer any questions you have and arrange for a time to take a look at your court.

Once they check it out, they’ll let you know what they can do to make your court look great again.

Just make a quick call or send an email to get started.