Tennis Court Building and Maintenance
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Does your tennis court need some work?

When a personal outdoor sports court is brand new, it looks amazing. It adds an attractive and upscale addition to your Snohomish County property.

But nothing makes an otherwise great property look bad than having an old, worn-out, beat-up, and overgrown court cluttering up part of your yard.

It doesn’t look good. You don’t like it, and potential home buyers won’t like it either.

All outdoor recreation courts need a little maintenance once in a while to look their best. Fortunately, there is an Everett sports court service company that specializes in providing this exact type of care.

What Are the Most Common Services?
A few of the most requested tennis court repair and maintenance services include these:
• Net Replacement
• Resurfacing or Surface Resealing
• Painting and Striping
• Perimeter Fence Repairs
• New Tennis Court Planning and Construction

Where Can I Find an Everett Tennis Court Maintenance Company?
Well . . . right here.

There are one or two local specialty companies that provide great service.

They can answer any question you have and they’ll arrange a time for them to drive by and take a look at your court here in the north Seattle area.

Once they check it out, they’ll let you know what they can do to make your court look great again. Pretty simple really.

Just make a short phone call or send an email to get started.